Teaching Method

Working English Teaching Methodology

Teaching any foreign language successfully is a science in itself because each individual student has unique learning needs.

Our approach

At Working English we deliver a more student-centred, interactive teaching approach focusing on communication and maximising students’ participation in a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Small class sizes allow us to increase the teacher-student interaction, however depending on particular aspects of the English language, we apply varied teaching methods and techniques, which are innovative, academically proven and which encourage creative and logical thinking essential in every-day life.

In general, we focus on a deductive approach to teaching grammar and vocabulary, where students discover grammatical rules and the meaning of new words by themselves while using real-life contexts.  We also bring a lot of creativity to make our lessons unpredictable, interesting, dynamic and stimulating, where fun is the key factor to successful learning.  Students are encouraged to make small presentations, take part in role-plays, sketches, debates, games, quizzes etc.  

At W.E. we focus on 4 main linguistic skills:

  • reading:
    understanding texts, reading-based discussions with a focus on vocabulary and grammar, (text books / authentic materials used). 
  • writing:
    email, post card, informal and formal letter, academic English option, report, CVs, letter of application, story, composition.
  • listening:
    authentic audio materials and activities with a wide variety of accents
  • speaking:
    debating, speeches, small presentations etc., with a focus on pronunciation and intonation (group-work / pair- work)

Teaching materials include the latest course books with stimulating activities. They are also supplemented with other teaching resources such as games, role-plays, and authentic, up-to-date materials from various newspapers and magazines.  Students are also introduced to colloquial English spoken by local Irish people (known as Hiberno English) in informal every-day situations.  

Regular progress tests, continuous assessment and homework are important features of Working English coursework